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Archives, Databases, Libraries and Link Collections


AEI – Archives of European integration
Online archive of Pittsburgh University offering research materials regarding the history of European integration. The sponsor of this archive is a company that manages many archives and owns large databases. The main goal of the company is to provide writing services for students. They respond instantly and provide excellent services to students. You can send a write my discussion board post request to the site and their representatives will help to solve all difficulties.

  Archives Made Easy
First-hand accounts of visits to archives by researchers. Hosted by the International History department at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), the website aims to empower historical researchers of all levels and make unrewarding research trips a thing of the past.
Churchill Archives Centre
The Churchill Archives Centre holds collections of private papers covering the history of the Churchill era and includes the papers of politicians, statesmen, scientists, public servants, diplomats, soldiers, sailors and airmen.
European Commission: historical archives service
On the basis of current regulations, the historical archives service co-ordinates the transfer of files and documents which are no longer of current administrative use to the Cabinets / Directorates General / Services from their collections to the depositories of the Historical Archives of the Commission. Not least, the archives service ensures the availability to the public of files and documents of the European Commission which are of historical, judicial or informative value according to the 30 year rule.
  ENA - European Navigator
Audio, audio-visual and written documents pertaining to EU history in original and translated into English. Excellent multimedia source.
ERPA - European Research Papers Archives
Started by Michael Nentwich, University of Vienna, this website offers an effective way of tracing research material on European subjects published online.
EUI – European University Institute, Florence
The EUI was founded in 1972. Its main objective is to provide advanced academic training to PhD students and to promote research at the highest level. Recruitment for postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers is run on an annual basis. Please check the website for updates. It is also possible to be a visiting researcher for 3, 6 and 9 months (each department follows a different procedure, please check the website for information).

EUI library - European Union information
A selective list of links to European institutions and resources, including further link collections.

Groupe d'Etudes Histoire de l'Europe Contemporaine
The Working Group History of Contemporary Europe (Groupe d'Etudes Histoire de l'Europe Contemporaine) was founded in 1987. The GEHEC also endeavours the organisation of colloquiums and seminars, the publication of papers and documents (edited by Peter Lang in the series EUROCLIO) and the collection of archives. The GEHEC is linked to the Jean Monnet Chair in History of Contemporary Europe (at the Université Catholique de Louvain).
HAEC – Historical Archives of the European communities
The HAEC is administered by the European University Institute, Florence. It is possible to look for documents online by using the research tools or the PDF version of the paper catalogues. The archives staff is fluent in English, German, French and Italian.
History of European Integration Site
The site, hosted by Leiden University, contains links to historical documents, video and audio fragments etc. listed in chronological order. It also contains timelines and bibliographies.
Humanities. Sozial- und Kulturgeschichte
A useful newsletter and website providing information on recent publications in the field, conferences, jobs, accommodation advertisements; those who signed in on the newsletter are entitled to publish book reviews, conference calls, job offers etc.
Jean Monnet Centre for International and Regional Economic Law & Justice
The site offers links to journals related to the history and development of the EU. It contains information on upcoming conferences, workshops, special lectures and summer schools in the area of European Integration research.
Jean Monnet Foundation for Europe – Written Archives
The Jean Monnet Foundation has collections of the private papers of leading actors of European construction such as of Robert Marjolin, Robert Schuman, Paolo Emilio Taviani, Robert Triffin, Lord Strathallan, Jacques Van Helmont and François Fontaine. The documentary resources are continually augmented by new donations.
Tampere University library EU information archive
Information regarding publications relevant to the History of European Integration. In Finnish.
West European Studies homepage
This site is part of the Pittsburgh University’s virtual library. It offers a comprehensive collection of links including government sources from member states.
Website maintained by Serge Noiret of the European University Institute, Florence. The website provides information on Research: Methods and Materials, with an excellent list of archives of interest for scholars working on the history of European integration as well as on the Cold War.




Institutes & Research centres


Arbeitskreis Europäische Integration
The Arbeitskreis Europäische Integration e.V. (AEI) is an interdisciplinary group, which deals with questions regarding European integration and the European Union development. In German.
Centre d'études juridiques européenes, University of Geneva
Also contains papers on the fundamental principles of the European Constitution.
Cold War International History Programme
CWIHP was established at the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars in Washington, D.C., in 1991. It provides published documents, articles and other information on the history of the Cold War, in particular new findings from previously inaccessible sources on the former Communist world.
European Union Liaison Committee of Historians
The website provides information on the Liaison Committee of Historians and on the Journal of European Integration History.
  Institut für Europäische Geschichte Mainz
The department for Universalgeschichte promotes research on German and European history since the 16th Century and focuses in particular on the Franco-German relations. In German The Institute offers awards (from six months to one year) for the completion of PhD theses.
  PHP - The Parallel History Project on NATO and the Warsaw Pact
Established in 1999, the PHP provides new scholarly perspectives on contemporary international history by collecting, analyzing, and interpreting formerly secret governmental documents. In response to the declassification of NATO records and the steadily growing availability of documents from archives in Eastern and Central Europe, PHP brings together leading Cold War historians, archivists, and government officials. The findings are presented to the specialist academic community at conferences and published both in print and on the PHP website.
Our partner organization, the RICHIE network, like HEIRS aims to foster contacts between young researchers in European history, who are too often isolated within fields of research that are very compartmentalised. It is run by a team of young PhD students and academics from France and several European countries.